Thursday, February 4, 2010

Using The Percentage Preloader Plugin

Basic Documentation :

There are specific rules for setting up the preloader using this plugin file - it is important to follow these steps or else the preloader will not work properly.

1. Your preloader scene needs 2 sprites in it.
2. Name one of the sprites "preloader"
3. Inside the "preloader" sprite, add your loader bar and counter.
4. Inside the second sprite, add a Load Movie action on Frame 3 or 4 ... set the load movie url for "loadcontrol.swf" - and choose "Sprite" for the Into section (on the actions panel).
5. On the main timeline, add a PLACE effect for both sprites on Frame 3 or 4
6. A couple frames later, add a STOP action to the main timeline
7. Any frame after the stop action, add a label called "loaded"
8. To work online, you have to upload the included file "loadcontrol.swf" to the same directory as your movie.
9. To test it offline (it will skip the preloader), you need to export your movie to HTML and make sure the file "loadcontrol.swf" is in the same directory as that html file.

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