Tuesday, July 5, 2011

IM418 E-Commerce

What to do:

Describe any two commercial web sites. You can choose sites that you know well, or any other ones, as long as they are commercial, i.e. sell products or services. You need to specify the following about each of the sites:

1) Give the site's URL and a brief description of the organization it represents and goods and/or services that it offers. List main parts of the sites (s.a. product page, page for documentation for the products, consumer forums, etc). Also mention if the site requires a membership (i.e. if you need to register to enter or to browse some pages).

2) Describe the functionality of the site:

- Does it offer a list of products which is easy to browse?

- Does it offer a serach engine, if yes, what kinds of requests can it handle? Is it convenient to use?

- Does it provide a shopping cart (or a shopping basket), what functions does it have, is it easy to add, delete, and change products?

- Is the order form flexible enough to allow different options of payments, a shipping address other than your own, etc?

- Does the security message gets displayed when you submit the form (you don't need to type in your credit card number, just something to make the form go through).

- If there is a membership, what kind of information is required to register?

- Is there a customer support section? Does the site publish customer reviews or feedback? Is yes, is it well organized and easy to browse?

3) Rank the implementation of the site: does it provide all functionality that customers need, or would you suggest adding or changing something?

4) How would you rank the graphic design.

5) What is your overall opinion of the site: did you like it, would you come back to it or recommend it to a friend?

If the two web sites that you have chosen offer similar products or services, you might want to include comparison in your answer.

*Have your answer in an MS Word file (.doc) and file name should be in this format - LASTNAME_Lab1. After answering, please upload it to your own folder in our yahoo group. Checking time - 7:30pm.

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